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Guitar Lessons at Music Makers NY

For information about lessons Call 212-967-6124 or Email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com

Already taken lessons? Take your skills to the next level in a band setting that performs live on stage. Check out The Band Experience page. 

The Guitar is one of the most, if not the most popular instruments to learn. At Music Makers NY we offer tailor-made guitar lessons that will have you playing in no time. Learn everything you need to know to start playing guitar. Students will:

  • Learn the notes of the fret board
  • Learn how to tune the guitar.
  • Learn Rhythm and Lead guitar and the part they each play in different styles and genres.
  • Learn Open chords, power chords and barre chords.
  • Learn proper technique to make your playing as efficient as possible.
  • Learn how to read guitar TAB.
  • Learn different strumming techniques as well as finger picking.
  • Learn about improvising and soloing: Different scales and how you can use them
  • Learn different styles such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Pop, Alternative


  • Individual Lesson $70.00
  • 5 Pack Private Lessons - $325.00 ($65.00 per lesson)
  • 10 Pack Private Lessons - $600.00 ($60.00 per lesson)
  • Home/Office Lesson - $90.00
  • All Individual Lessons are 55 minutes (except Trial lessons)
  • Inquire about our Lesson Packages.  

Cancelation Policies:
Our teachers have reserved the time for you. In the case of studio lessons, we have reserved a room for you, and in the case of home lessons, the teacher is scheduling their day to accomodate you, therefor 48 hours cancellation notice is most appreciated. With 48 hours notice we don't have to charge you because there is sufficient time to rebook the room and for a teacher to adjust their schedules.

For information about lessons Call 212-967-6124 or Email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com