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Richard Huddleston - Workshop Coordinator / Guitar

Richard Huddleston - Workshop Coordinator / Guitar

Richard is a passionate, lifelong student of music with a focus on guitar. He loves sharing what he has learned to help fellow recreational guitar players sound more like pros. His first gig was at 15, and from the mid-1970s to early 1980s was a staple of the Washington DC music scene, where he performed in several touted cover bands, mixed sound for FOH live production, and recorded. He was a top Washington DC area call for sessions requiring "Steely Dan" or "Van Halen" guitar stylisms, and most notably performed with R&B star Stacey Lattisaw and played guitar on the demo session that won keyboardist Scott Monahan his role in the progressive rock band Spirit with guitarist Randy California.

In addition to his college studies in music theory, Richard studied with master studio legend Howard Roberts, Buddy Rich guitarist Walt Namuth, and extended master class studies with jazz guitar legend Joe Pass.

His academic research was focused on computer-based musical instruments, at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland College Park.

Richard continued his studies and performed - now, as a recreational musician - after moving to NYC with his family in 1996, studying with masters Wayne Krantz and David Fiuczynski, and master classes with John Scofield. He was a regular at The Studio on 30th Street, and has played in a variety of New York bands, specializing in highly accurate covers of a wide range of guitar styles such as Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, Edward Van Halen, and Tom Morello. Richard has performed in large events produced by Live Nation, at a variety of venues from Irving Plaza, the Upstate Concert Hall, Cutting Room, at Woodstock, and at dozens of other venues throughout NY, NYC, and NJ. Richard is a specialist in the use of guitar effects and loves helping other guitarists quickly learn how to select and use effects most effectively.

Richard is a full-time Distinguished Engineer at a leading global financial services firm, and holds four US patents (three in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) along with 14 international patents.

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