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Anthony Jones - Piano, Organ, Gospel

Anthony Jones - Piano, Organ, Gospel

The musical director at several New York, New Jersey and Chicago churches and accompanist for artists:
Tye Tribbett
Micheal Lynche, American Idol
Jessica Reedy
Todd Dulaney
Kike Sheard
TL Williams
Stevie Wonder, Anthony Jones makes learning gospel fun, engaging and exciting. Learn this technique and open doors to a whole new passion and community based income!

Did you know that the gospel music industry has been something Pianist/ Musician have benefit from for years . Every Sunday there is a church looking for a musician to play and get paid Big Money $$$ for their ability. Pastors call me every week looking to fill positions and my problem has been not being able to fill positions fast enough. I designed this course The Gospel challenge to give musician an opportunity to walk into a career doing what they love growing in a unique industry. At the end of this course you will be equipped with the tools to execute and successfully play gospel music.

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