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Group vocal lessons at Music Makers provide the optimum technical instruction in a very fun environment for beginner-intermediate singers to grow and discover their unique voice and expression. Classes start with healthy warmups, and follow with group and solo singing instruction. Vocal instructors explain in simple ways making it a comfortable experience for even absolute beginners! All classes are suitable for teens and adults of various musical experiences. There is no need to read sheet music; all students will learn all songs by ear. 

Q: Are group lessons right for me?
A: Do you like fun community singing? Do you like learning from observing your peers? Are you a bit shy singing alone?
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 In group lessons, students learn with 4-6 other students together. Within the lesson, at times students sing together, but also have the opportunity to also sing solos, duets, harmonies, and as back-up singers for their peers. While the individualized detailed instruction is minimal in a group setting, when students are not singing, they can still proactively learn and benefit from listening to their peers and the teacher’s instructions to their peers.


We ask all participants to please make every effort to attend all classes/workshops  If you're unable to attend a class or workshop, you are required to notify Music Makers NY via email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com.  

Cancellation Policy: Once you submit the registration form & authorize payment to Music Makers NY your slot is guaranteed and reserved exclusively for you, therefore, all fees are non-refundable.  

Submitting the Registration Form & authorizing payment  to Music Makers NY means you agree to all of the above terms & conditions

Thank you.

CALL 212-239-7054 or EMAIL musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com with any questions any of the other programs we offer.